A Moonstock Favorite Since 2012

From the beginning!

Erin Condo performed here for the first time in August of 2012, when we just had solo artists or small bands performing in the pergola (where we now serve refreshments).  She has been kind enough to return each year, despite the many many demands on her time, and with great musicians as well.  

The Moonstock crowd loves her original songs, which she has written.  Guitarist “Wiggus” is one of my very favorites for his skill and creativity, and bassist John Kennedy's years of experience with many of Happy Valley's best bands adds depth and comedic moments.  

There are lots of good samples of their music at this youtube link.  One of my personal favorites, "Sundress" is available from a live performance (at the Gamble Mill?).


About Erin Condo and the Hoofties...


Although you may not know what a Hooftie is (most people don't), this is a GREAT local band led by Erin Condo, one of our favorite people.  Erin is an entrepreneur, caterer, business owner and most recently a candidate for state representative!  She's also a singer/songwriter/guitar player who has assembled an amazing band you may have seen on the big stage at the Arts Festival, at Farm Fest, at the Elk Creek Cafe and Ale Works, at Zeno’s or just about any place else they serve up fine music.

Erin Condo’s recording career began when she met guitarist and producer “Wiggus” and sound engineer Bob Klotz. The three collaborated on Condo’s debut album “Leaving Songs.” The record reached #51 on the Americana Music Association charts and was named one of the best albums of 2005 by radio stations around the country.

In the 10 years since “Leaving Songs” was recorded, Condo has played gigs in Austin, built strawbale houses at a commune in California, and started a family in Millheim, Pennsylvania. These moments in time are the foundation of the songs on “Love & Lightning.”

Condo is backed by her band the Hoofties on “Love & Lightning” — Wiggus on guitar, John Kennedy on bass and Kevin Lowe on drums. Together, the band creates a musical backdrop as diverse as the life experiences in Condo’s lyrics. The album’s 11 songs move seamlessly from blues to rock to country to jazz and back again and the music feels as comfortable in one genre as the next.

Her most recent album “Love & Lightning” is "Americana in every sense of the word. It is influenced by a decade living around the country and everything that comes with it — good times and bad, old friends and new, restlessness and the feeling of content."

As performers, Condo and the Hoofties shine in large theaters, small bars, and everywhere in between. The band spent the past two years honing the songs on “Love & Lightning” at shows throughout central Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region, including our “Moonstock” stage, where Erin was one of our first year performers as a solo act.  We've invited her back every year, and she has graciously accepted, returning each year with a band that just gets better and better! 

If the weather is good, we’ll be outside, but if it looks like it might get cranky we’ll move all of the furniture in the great room and go inside.  Erin and the Hoofties have played our place both indoors and out, and either way, it’s destined to be a night to remember.

You can see more about Erin and the Hoofties here:  http://erincondo.com/


I love that photo of Erin, Josh, and the kids. Don't you?