The Weather for Saturday...

Too risky! We're going to be indoors.

It might be nice, but if we're wrong everyone goes home cold and wet, and the grass is wet and we have a minor electrical issue due to wet wires on the lights over the stage.  In several ways, we are being guided to hold it indoors tonight.

The good news is...

You'll be seated in a comfortable, air conditioned, low humidity, room with a respectful audience all of whom have great views of the band!

Judson Mantz and Remnants of Betty - August 18

About Judson

Judson Mantz is one of my favorite singer/songwriters.  Not just local singer/songwriters, I'm including all singer songwriters.  He's a bright, deep, articulate, feeling individual, and he's generous, too!  He has offered some of his songs as free downloads at the August Room music webpage, and has allowed me to offer some of the free songs to you in the list below.

About Remnants of Betty

In the mid-to-late 1990s, Judson was part of a band called "3-D Betty." They released 2 CDs, "Belch of the Muses" in 1998 and "The Road Less Traveled" in 2000.  Judson has made his contributions to those CDs available to you as free downloads on his website at  

Three of the original members of 3D Betty will be joining Judson at Moonstock:

  • Donnie Rhoades on drums
  • Chris Younken on guitar, and
  • Lynn Chaplin on bass.

Donnie has played in multiple bands in State College for years, including Soul Gypsies and Cliff Turner and the After Burners. Chris has played with Code Blue, The Earthtones, Archie Blue and most recently with Andy Tolins and Richard Sleigh. Lynn has played bass with August Room and Mantz, Chapin and Crane.  Also joining them will be Jason Crane on saxophone and percussion. 

For samples of their music, and more...

Upcoming 2018 Free Concerts

No upcoming events.

About Our Concerts

Phot of people sitting on a fied watching a concert on the outdoor stage.

Come Join Us!

Our home at 211 Moondance Lane is only about 15 minutes from downtown State Don't be misled by the Port Matilda address.

For guests with mobility issues, we can reserve parking. We have modified the road down to the stage, so on nights with outdoor concerts we can allow a few cars to drive down, drop passengers, and park on the edge of the woods.  Call Kyle at 814-404-1313 to make arrangements for people with mobility issues.

Photo of an indoor concert, with about 30 people watching a pair of Irish performers.

The Basic Info

  • House Concerts - (outdoors if weather permits, inside if not)
  • Fun People and their friends and families (who are almost always fun people, too!)
  • Free beer from Otto’s Pub and (sometimes) home brew  (for those of legal age)
  • If it doesn’t look like rain, consider bringing a folding chair or blanket (optional), wear comfortable shoes, and be prepared to walk a bit, as the driveway gets crowded and the concerts are held in a field behind the house which is on a hilltop.

If it's raining or threatening to rain...

  • COME ANYWAY!  We move the concerts indoors,  Same great music and beverages, great acoustics, same fun people, and seating for about 50 people. 
  • No need to bring your chair or blanket for indoor concerts.

Contact Us

Use this form to send us a message or to join or leave our email list.

Moonstock Concerts

211 Moondance Lane, Port Matilda, PA 16870, US



Kyle Peck & Catherine Augustine

Please Note: GPS only takes you half way up the driveway!

There are three homes on Moondance Lane, and Google hasn't figured us out quite yet.  Our home is the one AT THE TOP OF THE HILL, so as you drive up Moondance Lane, take the uphill path at each of the two forks.  (That's right at the first fork, then left at the second fork.) 

If you get lost, call Kyle's cell phone number, 814-404-1313, and hope he can hear you over the music.  (-:

"Old School" Directions

In case you are not a GPS or Google Maps or MapQuest user, here's a set of directions you can use to make your way.


Directions to Kyle Peck and Catherine Augustine's Home at:

211 Moondance Lane

Port Matilda, PA  16870

 (from Penn State University)


    Stay in the right lane, as if you were heading for Altoona.Follow signs to  Gray's Woods / Waddle and go downhill past Curve Hill Road which breaks off to the right.  
  • TURN RIGHT ON STEVENSON ROAD, which is almost at the bottom of the hill.
  • Take Stevenson Road, through the tiny community of "Waddle," until it ends in a "T" intersection with "Buffalo Run Road" (also known as route 550).
    The first intersection will be Lower Julian Pike.
    After passing five houses on the right, you'll see three black mailboxes and a gravel road with a sign that says "Moondance Lane."
    The road branches twice.
    - Go right at the first fork
    - Go left at the second. (We're at the top of the hill.)
    If you see cars parked on the road, the parking beyond that point is probably limited, so you may want to stop and park where you can.
  • Kyle's cell phone number (in case you get lost) is 814-404-1313.