About Judson Mantz and Remnants of Betty


About Judson

Judson Mantz is one of my favorite singer/songwriters.  Not just local singer/songwriters, I'm including all singer songwriters.  He's a bright, deep, articulate, feeling individual, and an impressive artist.  He's generous, too!  He has offered some of his songs as free downloads at the August Room music webpage, and has allowed me to offer some of the free songs to you in the list below. 

About Remnants of Betty

In the mid-to-late 1990s, Judson was part of a band called "3-D Betty." They released 2 CDs, "Belch of the Muses" in 1998 and "The Road Less Traveled" in 2000.  Judson has made his contributions to those CDs available to you as free downloads on his website at  https://augustroom.com/music.  

Three of the original members of 3D Betty will be joining Judson at Moonstock:

  • Donnie Rhoades on drums
  • Chris Younken on guitar, and
  • Lynn Chaplin on bass.

Donnie has played in multiple bands in State College for years, including Soul Gypsies and Cliff Turner and the After Burners. Chris has played with Code Blue, The Earthtones, Archie Blue and most recently with Andy Tolins and Richard Sleigh.

One more thing...

Lynn Chapin, the bass player in 3D Betty and August Room, is also the artist of the amazing and creative album covers and the bass drum. I love her art (so does Judson) so I've added them to the band's photo gallery.