About the Threads...

The Threads are a four piece alternative rock band out of Selinsgrove, PA. The band consists of Brian Lose (vocals, lead guitar), Matt Keller (vocals, rhythm guitar), Aaron Dues (bass guitar, production), and Isaac Davis (percussion, keys). The band in its current form has existed since May of 2015, but Brian and Isaac started the band in 2014. The band has played a few venues around Pennsylvania, and is looking to expand, having now recorded two EPs ("The Threads Say Hi" in 2015 and "Do We Have To?" in 2018) and one album ("Jay's Awkward Years" in 2016). The band's biggest influences include Weezer, David Bowie, and the Cars.

Our Purpose in Starting "Moonstock"

When we started the Moonstock series our purpose was to create a place where new bands could share their music, and where people could hear it in a healthy environment at a reasonable hour, even if they had families and didn't have money to devote to entertainment.  When I was contacted by The Threads' leader, Matt Keller, I was reminded of this purpose.  This is a band getting started, and although their musical tastes don't run parallel with mine, I like what they are doing and am happy to support them.  

Samples of their music...

You can access ten of The Threads' songs on their Band Camp website.  My favorites are:

  • Park the Car
  • Elizabeth, and
  • Yet to Win

Click here to get to their Band Camp page.