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Sean Farley at Moonstock

We love Sean, who has become a family friend. Since I first saw him at Elk Creek Cafe playing lead guitar with the Bruce McMinn Blues Band, I was a fan.  A big fan.  I find Sean's work incredible.  Both serious guitar players and “wannabes” like me sit and marvel at Sean’s skills and talents as he plays guitars he has built and performs both classics and songs he has written.  Sean has developed a marvelously full sound, using "LIVE looping," a technique that allows Sean to be his own rhythm guitarist, percussionist, and  lead guitarist, all at once. At his solo shows, you will hear what sounds like multiple guitarists, a rhythm section, blistering leads, and a powerful soulful voice. And when he brings his talented friends, it's always a great show.

About Sean (lifted from http://www.seanfarleymusic.com/)

Sean Farley is an american singer, songwriter, guitarist, and luthier. He was born, raised, and is currently based out Williamsport, PA. Farley was introduced to music at a very young age by his grandmother, a long time piano and voice teacher. He started on keys and violin at a very young age, sang in the school choir through most of his schooling, then played drums and percussion, and finally the guitar. The guitar was always the clear favorite, leading to countless and obsessive hours of picking and bending. Sean would go on to play guitar and sing in bands starting at the age of 15, to his current age of 35. He plans to continue strumming until his final days.

His love for, and commitment to, guitar has grown further since attending the Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie (http://www.roberto-venn.com) in the Fall of 2010. There he studied the art of hand-making stringed instruments, and now owns and operates “Guitarley’s Custom Guitar & Repair” since early 2011 (http://www.guitarleys.com). He spends his days obsessing on instrument repair, restoration, designing, and custom building. At night he takes his hand-made guitars on the road, traveling the country to perform his tunes.

Sean's Performance History

Sean has been performing music professionally, in many different bands, for over fifteen years. He is a diligent student of Blues, Rock, Funk, Soul, and Americana music. His songwriting has elements of all these genres and more. He's competed in the International Blues Challenge (http://www.blues.org/international-blues-challenge/) four times now, with two different bands, once as a soloist, and once as a duo act! 

Sean's dedication to life as a musician was thoroughly tested by a serious accident with a machete knife in 2009! The night before a New Year’s Eve gig with EG Kight, Sean accidentally cut through most of his left thumb, including tendons, ligaments, artery, nerves, and bone joint. After immediate reconstructive surgery on New Year’s morning he began the road to recovery, having just over a month till his second Memphis IBC opportunity to heal and learn to play guitar without the use of his thumb. While in a cast for six weeks, he learned to play slide on his lap out of pure frustration and longing to play guitar again. Eight months of physical therapy lead to a nearly full recovery and a total commitment to playing guitar.  

Farley has opened for bands like Blue Oyster Cult and Yes, and has shared the stage with many internationally renowned musicians such as Ann Rabson, Bnois King, Smokin’ Joe Kubek, “Iron Man” Michael Burks, 2013 Grammy nominee Melissa Reaves, and more. Sean is a go-to guitar player for the “Georgia Songbird” EG Kight (http://www.egkightmusic.com/) and recorded on her album “It’s Hot In Here” in 2008. He had the opportunity to sing a duet with her on this album called “Southern Woman And A Nawthern Man”! He currently occupies the role of guitarist, singer, and songwriter in his regional band “Lynn & Farley 5” but spends most of his time on the road as a one man band!   

The latest chapter in his musical life has been national touring as a solo act! Traveling to beautiful areas throughout PA, NY, and annual tours in the beautiful southwest through iAM Independent Artist Management (http://www.iammusic.us). 

Sean and "Looping"...

Since making his very first acoustic guitar at Roberto-Venn, he's grown an appreciation for taking the stage by himself, chasing fuller sounds with "LIVE-looping." Looping allows Sean to record and layer tracks as he performs, building deep grooves and a full sound. You’ll hear what sounds like multiple guitarists, percussive beats, harmonies, consummate guitar licks, along with his raspy and soulful voice! His simple yet intricate looping style produces an organic and smooth sounding “one-man-band” show. 

Sean's Recordings

Farley has recorded on many studio albums over years, including two solo albums. In 2013 he released his first solo album titled “Karma”. This album includes all originals songs, recorded with guitars that he built, and a few special guest musicians. In 2017 Sean recorded "LIVE & Temperamental" in front of a studio audience at Temperamental Recordings Studio, in Geneseo, NY. You can listen to and purchase these songs on Sean's website, "Sean Farley Music", or on all major online music stores and streaming sources!   

Sean Farley's Ted Talk, "A Profession in Passion"

In this 16 minute Ted Talk you can feel Sean's passion for his work making, repairing, and playing guitars.

Video: Tables Turn

Live Recording - Demonstrates "LIVE Looping."  (Starts slow as he lays down rythm guitar and percussion tracks, then blossoms into the full-scale original song.)

Video: Sedona

A beautiful Sean Farley Original.

Video: Let's Stay Together

Sean's take on the classic.

Video: Guitar Man

Live Recording - no looping

Audio Sample featuring Sean Farley and Richard Sleigh

This is just an audio track from a video I recorded on my phone when two greats, Sean Farley and Richard sleigh met and played together for the first time at Sean's Moonstock Concert in 2016.  It's awesome, if you ignore the comments and outbursts from the guys making the recording. (-:

Files coming soon.

Video: The Lynn & Farley Five perform "Karma."

About Katie Haverly and Ben Nisbet


I don't know much yet...

There's not much about them on the Internet, but Sean Farley has worked with them and he's excited about this.  I did find this on the web about a gig they will be doin in Tucson...  "Katie Haverly is fantastic live. Plenty of energy, with her band, The Aviary. Ben Nisbet is quite an amazing guitarist."

Samples of their work...

Check out the videos below for samples of their work.

Video: Katie Haverly & Ben Nisbet - Excerpts from Coyote

An excerpt of a live performance of "Coyote" by Joni Mitchell at the Coronet in Tucson Arizona December of 2016.

Video: Katie Haverly - Wreckage