Cone of Silence - Sunday, July 22, 2018

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About Cone of Silence


Cone of Silence is an awesome, entertaining local band.  You’ll hear (and dance to?) excellent covers of classic songs, by memorable bands with great musicians, including the Beatles, the Zombies, Traffic, Yes, and others.
You may have seen Cone of Silence at our place in the past (in which case I know you’ll be back) or perhaps at Zeno's, Cafe 210, Happy Valley Brewing Company, the Gamble Mill, or at the Tussey Mountain Wing Fest.
I can’t wait for their big, awesome sound.  I love to watch the happy people as their music envelops the crowd.  They've played Moonstock Indoors and out, and either way, it's an awesome night.

Here’s a photo gallery of Cone of Silence, featuring…

  • Steve Christensen on guitar, keyboard, and vocals
  • Liz Grove on keyboards, guitar, vocals
  • John Lynch on drums, flute, vocals, and
  • James Miller - bass, guitar, vocals