About Tyne and the Fastlyne


Tyne and the Fastlyne bring you four bands in one: a banjo and mandolin lead bluegrass band, a progressive new-grass band, a Chicago blues band, and an electric rock band all tempered with the same experience, taste and style.  Tyne has over twenty years experience singing and playing banjo and has studied with Tony Furtado, Tony Trischka, Don Wayne Reno, and Craig Smith to name a few. The other members of the Fastlyne have over thirty years playing experience each. When the Fastlynes' love of pop songs, blues rhythms and rock attitude meets Tyne's love of celtic melodies, old time harmonies, and bluegrass instruments, a unique melange of music is made. 

A sample of their music...

Here's a four-minute compilation of  seven or eight of their songs.

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