About Eric Ian Farmer (and Friends)

From the Beginning!

Eric Ian Farmer was our first house concert performer, ever.  He performed in the pergola, to a small group of family and friends, before he had made the commitment fo make music his career.  He was inspiring and impressive even then.  Since that time he has developed in many ways, to become the fine musician, song writer, vocalist, and human being we see today.

When he performs in larger venues he often surrounds himself with talented friends.  Each night the mix changes, and has included flute, saxes of different types, percussion, bass, guitar, keyboard, and even accordion.  No matter what the combination, the music is complex and from the heart.

You may have seen Eric and friends at the Tavern, Shaver’s Creek, the Gamble Mill, Karma, the Arts Festival, or the People’s Choice Festival or even in other cities in central PA.  

For those of you who remember Woodstock, Eric reminds me of a young Richie Havens. Join us for a night of great tunes and important social messages, and leave a better person for the experience.

In addition to the resources below, you can learn more about Eric and his music on Eric's website, "vocallygrown.com".


When You [Side] Walked into the Room

Show Me the Way - WPSU Metronome Series

Check out this great video

Mask (From Creen Couch Concerts)

Fall Right In (Solo)