About Group Therapy


The Band's History and Future...

Group Therapy began as a band several years ago and, in fact, their debut started at Moonstock when the original band consisted of Jon Bojan, Maggie Davis, Jim Herbert (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Joe Pelick (drums).  The band is evolving, and Eva George (guitar, keyboard/vocals) and Charlie Rury (banjo, fiddle, ukulele/vocals) are replacing Jon and Maggie.  So, in a way, Group Therapy will be making another “debut” featuring the new band.

For those who have not had the opportunity to hear GT, they perform several different genres of cover songs including blues, contemporary country and folk, easy listening, and indie rock. Some people refer to their music as “Americana” which is fine by them as they like to keep things pure and simple. 

As noted on their FB page, GT strives to provide a space where you can enjoy their sound and, at least for a few hours, take respite from all of the distracting noise in the today's world.  To help the band with this, they enlist the services of Jim Thorne, a band audio guy from way back, to make sure the sound is good. Thanks!

Samples of Group Therapy's Music

GT also performs original material and, if you want to hear their earlier recordings, you can find a video in which the band performed as part of WPSU’s Metronome series.

GT's new female lead singer, Eva George has released two CDs including her first one, “Up From Here” which was released in 2010 and, more recently, “An Afternoon with Ella” a tribute CD to jazz artist, Ella Fitzgerald was released in 2014. Both of these CDs are available on iTunes.  You can listen to Eva's recording of "Party for Two" by clicking this link.

Join us!

Hope you come out and get a little bit of GT – should be a special evening!