State College Rock Camp

State College Rock Camp is a summer music program where young musicians gain experience performing at local venues, festivals and concerts. The musicians have performed at the People's Choice Festival, The State Theatre, Webster's Bookstore Cafe and other select venues in the Centre County region. Specialty camps focus on songwriting and recording, and in 2018 a "Grown-Up Camp" was added to the schedule. The 2019 Rock Camp instructors feature Jeff Gibble, Zeb Crews and Rod Goelz, and they are thrilled to have their bands play Moonstock!

A bit more...

State College Rock Camp is an opportunity for all young musicians who are looking for a community to perform, write and grow musically.  Students learn to incorporate professional methods to learn songs quickly and efficiently; including arrangement analysis, improvisation concepts, and ear training skills. Students also have the opportunity to learn about song forms, different musical styles, the other instruments of the band and how everyone plays their part in contributing to a group sound. Rock Camp is the perfect opportunity for all musicians - vocalists, guitarists, pianists, bassists, drummers, saxophonists, violinists, brass players, percussionists, etc. - to meet other musicians in the area and expand the network of the music community.