Obvious Pocket - June 9, 2018

I love the description of the band from their Facebook page...

"According to the law of entrainment, when fireflies land together on a single branch their lights start to flash in unison; over time clocks side by side will perfectly sync their second hands. Four musicians came together in State College, Pa to create Obvious Pocket.  With the distorted blues riffs and Lennon inspired songwriting of Jim Kassab; the floating melodies and jazz chord flourishes of Dipak Sahoo; the growling primal basslines of Gregory Mazzara; and the swinging song driven rhythms of Jason Halterman on drums, Obvious Pocket is a new flavor of original jam music. 

Obvious Pocket is a journey of sound.  An attunement to the groove. It’s a focus of quality song writing that springs into spontaneous improvisation.  It’s an experience.  When you’re in the pocket, it’s obvious.”

Obvious Pocket lived up to that description in their season-opening  performance on June 9, 2018.  The gallery below captures some moments from that night.